Marine Biopolymers Ltd.

Marine Biopolymers logo small.pngMarine Biopolymers Ltd is a young Scottish Company developing a manufacturing and market presence in speciality and fine chemicals extracted from indigenous Scottish seaweeds.

Their goal is to become a significant player in the marine biopolymers market and whose first major mile stone is to re-introduce full scale manufacturing of alginate to Scotland.

After the seaweed has been extracted it still retains inorganic and organic components. Biopolymers wondered if this would be usable for use in biofuel or energy production and approached the Scottish Biofuel Programme to explore this. The project is to evaluate the suitability of the residue seaweed for use in the Pyrolysis process which heats the feedstock to very high temperatures in an oxygen free environment producing Biochar which can be used as a soil conditioner and syngas and bio-oil which can be used as biofuels.

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