Jarron Farms

Dundee based Jarron Farms produce vegetables, cereals and livestock.

Producing potatoes for supermarkets means that they are left with potatoes rejected as non-standard for supermarket sale. As well as livestock feed, they use these leftovers to produce vodka.  At the end of the vodka processing they are left with organic based by-products.

They approached the Scottish Biofuel Programme to see if further potential value may be gained from the rejected potatoes through the conversion of these by-products into biofuel/biogas.

The project aim is to investigate the potential for conversion through the ABE (Acetone, Butanol and Ethanol) Fermentation process.  This process produces products such as Butanol and Ethanol which can be used as fuel for heating, power production or as fuel for vehicles. The secondary phase of the project is a nutritional analysis of residues left by the ABE fermentation process for its suitability for use as an animal feed to ensure nothing goes to waste.

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