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Cyrus_logo_NOtagline-small.jpgCyrus Energy is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of some of the most effective fuel conditioning products available on the market today.

Cyrus Eradicate rapidly destroys microbial growth in fuel oil, fuel storage tanks, bilges and fuel distribution systems – eliminating potential engine damage caused by contaminated fuel supply. Eradicate may be applied as an effective treatment to combat microbial contamination, or as a preventative measure to protect your fuel systems from any potential problems.

The project tested the efficacy of the company’s Eradicate product against microorganisms recovered from an actual contaminated fuel sample. Cyrus Eradicate biocide had a complete kill in diesel heavily contaminated with Raoultella planticola (isolated from a heavily contaminated fuel sample from here in Scotland) at the recommended dosage within 24 hours. This adds product validation and consumer confidence that Cyrus Eradicate is an effective treatment on an isolated microorganism from a heavily contaminated fuel sample of a ‘real-world’ customer of Cyrus LTD. Cyrus Eradicate was also found to have a complete kill of Psuedomonas aeruginosa a bug isolated from a fuel storage tank in USA often associated as a founder organism of diesel fuel infections.

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