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The Scottish Biofuel Programme is a national partnership of leading research institutions in the biofuel sector and offers a single access point to a broad range of specialist expertise.

Graeme Walker, Academic Director, Abertay University

Professor Graeme Walker is a Professor of Zymology and director of the Abertay Yeast Research Group Abertay University. Prof. Walker acts in a consulting capacity for international brewing, distilling, yeast biotechnology and biofuel companies. 

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Joe Akunna, Academic Director, Abertay University

Prof. Joe Akunna is a Professor of Water & Environmental Engineering and the Director of Postgraduate Environment Education at the University of Abertay Dundee. He is an internationally recognised expert on anaerobic digestion (AD) processes of food and agricultural residuals, including brewery and distillery effluents, for the production of biofuel, namely biogas (methane) and soil fertilisers.

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Julian Bell, Academic Director, Scottish Agricultural College SAC Consulting

Julian Bell is a Senior Business Consultant and Team Leader of SAC Consulting's Rural Business Unit. Julian is responsible for delivering services to farmers, government agencies and companies.  Current work includes carbon foot-printing of agricultural supply chains, farm business management and grain marketing advice and feasibility studies for renewable energy projects. 

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Ondřej Mašek Academic Director, The University of Edinburgh

Dr. Ondřej Mašek is a Lecturer in Engineering Assessment of Biochar at the UK Biochar Research Centre, which is a part of the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh. His role is to lead the research on biochar production technologies and associated processes.

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Martin Tangney, Academic Director, Edinburgh Napier University

Professor Martin Tangney is the Director of the Biofuel Research Centre (BfRC), Edinburgh Napier University. is an internationally recognised expert in the development of butanol as a second generation biofuel. 

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Michele Stanley, Academic Director, Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)

Dr. Michele Stanley is a Senior Lecturer in Marine Molecular Biology. SAMS,Dr Stanley heads the SAMs Marine Bioenergy Scotland team. She has initiated and led the development of research investigating marine biomass, both macro- and micro- algae, for biofuel production. 

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